A Whole Plant Business-to-Business Marketplace for Hemp Distribution. 

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A Marketplace For Cultivators

There are over 1000 licensed industrial hemp cultivators in Canada. The Leafex marketplace will increase the exposure of your plants resulting in faster sales than traditional methods. Get your products noticed first.

As  a cultivator on the Leafex Marketplace you will be able to receive top dollar for your plants with full control over selling options.  You drive the process from standard purchasing agreements, bidding options, to futures sales.!

The demand for hemp in Canada, and globally is ever increasing; the Leafex Marketplace increases whole plant distribution options for processors who create a wide range of products from CBD to packaging.

A Distribution Chain For Whole Plant Processors

An Online Platform That Gives Full Control to Sellers

Leafex For Producers

Leafex For Cultivators

Allow your product to get discovered easily through the Leafex marketplace and its extensive network of purchasers.w trends & bound new connection

Allows us to set up supply chain agreements between you and your preferred vendors so there is a steady stream of supply to your production facility

Find exactly the type, and part of the hemp plant you are looking for through our extensive network of industrial cultivators.

Work with your preferred cultivator consistently to maintain quality with your products, thus increasing your brand value.

Access the market place to resell plants and  biomass to other processors after you finish your production.

Easily find buyers that want your specific product strain for their processing productions

Use the Leafex professional team to assist in setting up long term supply contracts with processors that can guaranty future crop sales.

Receive top dollar for your crop, through options to bid, place futures & supply chain contracts. 

Leafex will assist you in building your cultivator brand, which in turn will help you get top dollar from processors that want to create top brand products.

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Our teams wide range of experience cross all factors of this business, from technical cannabis and marketplace experience to health canada regulations and farming experience.

Over 50 Years of Farming & Hemp Experience

Jenny Malcolm

Chief Executive Officer

Spencer Burton

 Chief Operations Officer

Vanessa Slobogian

Chief Science & Regulations Officer

Tara Sanders,

VP Supply Chain Management